Embracing Change

A Spiritual Approach




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Description of Workshop and Retreat Modules with estimated times 

Reflection sessions on "Spirituality During Times of Change."

Parish Missions on "Spirituality During Times of Change" (including reflections at Mass and daily talks).

  A process for creating more welcoming parishes

Retreats for staffs and parishioners on "Spirituality During Times of Change." 

Offering Reflections at Sunday liturgy (designed to reach the largest possible audience).  Read sample reflection.

Individual Coaching of professional staffs to facilitate the change process

Three hour workshops on "Uncovering Our Internal Resistance to Change," (based upon new technology developed at Harvard University).

Workshops for professional staffs on "Leadership in Times of Rapid and Radical Change."

Design and facilitation of a parish, school or diocesan pastoral planning process through implementation.


Workshops, retreats and missions are designed to meet the needs of:

  • Diocesan Staffs

  • Parish Councils

  • Parish and Diocesan Planning Groups

  • Parish Staffs

  • Parish Leaders

  • Gatherings of Parishioners

  • Any faith filled group challenged by change.