Embracing Change

A Spiritual Approach


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Dancing With Change:
A Spiritual Response To Change In The Church

Dancing with Change will help those suffering through change going on in Churches today.  Dancing with Change offers keen insights why we struggle with any change, but especially with changes in our Church.



Brings Hope to Those Confused about Change in the Church
March 9, 2006
Reviewer: Deborah Sunbeck, Ph.D., author of Infinity Walk: The Physical Self.

The opening chapter contains this very nicely-turned analogy, which sums up the concept of the book perfectly: "What is it about the nature of change - including change in the Church - that causes us almost instinctively to rebel against it, to insist on marching or standing still when, in fact, we are invited to dance?"  It sets the stage for what is to come, and is a strong way to begin. (It's also nice to see that the author is comfortable enough in his subject to even quote Buddha as part of his narrative! That alone shows that the author is open to positive change.)

The opening chapter and the narrative flow in a perfectly organized fashion until the strong and upbeat conclusion. Readers will find the subject of change discussed from a variety of viewpoints, which all add up to a cogent argument that has the potential of changing lives-both of church leaders and of those people they serve.

It's all done in an even-handed way, so there should be no one who feels under attack for being uncomfortable with change. Instead, the positive approach may help some of those folks consider taking a few tentative steps toward embracing the inevitable changes in the church-and in society as a whole.

The organization of the book makes perfect sense, with the focus always being on various aspects of change, and coming at the subject from a variety of viewpoints, which makes for an interesting read and should prove especially intriguing for the target audience, within the Roman Catholic Church itself.

The chapter headings are catchy and descriptive enough to offer meaningful clues as to what each chapter will discuss, which is nice, since it's possible that readers will want to refer back to specific sections after the first read through.

There is an impressive array of additional materials and supporting documentation in this work, all of which service to back up the author's contentions, chapter and verse, throughout the manuscript. The arguments are always supported by authentication, and the Bibliography itself comprises more than 10% of the book's pages, which demonstrates the remarkable amount of thought and research that was put into the book.

Yet the text itself isn't ponderous and scholarly, which will make it more accessible to a greater number of potential readers-those who would have been turned off by a drier type of approach. This more readable style doesn't mean that the research is slipshod, however. The book is filled with bible verse information, footnotes, and the amazing information at the end of the book, for those who want to delve even more deeply into the subject matter.

The subject itself-change-is, of course, both timeless and timely, but with the changes that are swirling around the church, and especially the Roman Catholic Church, this book is quite timely, indeed, and may fill a need for many readers who are trying to get a handle on those changes.

The conclusion is equally strong, perfectly summarizing the material, yet offering positive encouragement, even for those readers who have been gritting their teeth throughout the manuscript, but were brave enough to stick it out to the end. It's meaningful, positive, enlightening, and satisfying, offering a genuine sense of both closure and hope for the reader.

All in all, this is a strong effort, filled with rock-solid research, presented in a positive, loving way, which should enjoy significant appeal to its audience, and the author is to be congratulated on a worthwhile effort., summed up in the final sentences: "Change and transitions in the Church offer us much. They offer us the possibility of building up the perfect body of Christ right here on earth; dancing our way gracefully and joyfully into a future filled with exciting change, bringing us ever closer to the kingdom of God."

Well Done!!
July 27, 2004
Reviewer: Rev. Douglas DellaPietra, Pastor, Church of the Good Shepherd, Rochester, NY.

Dr. McCorry offers a very foundational insight in this wonderful book: People of faith often look to their Church as a rock in times of change. But, what happens when their Church, their rock, changes? An easy read, Dancing with Change invites one to pause, reflect and pray with its many provoking questions and thoughts. Whether it is personal, familial, workplace or Church changes, Dancing with Change is, no doubt, an invaluable resource and practical guide for times of change.

Highly Recommended
June 7, 2004
Reviewer: Rev. Daniel Holland, Pastor, St. Pius Tenth Church, Rochester, NY.

With 39 years of priestly ministry, "change" has been my "constant" experience as a leader within the church. Yet, while reading Dr. Richard Mc Corry's new book, "Dancing With Change - A Spiritual Response to Change in the Church," I still found personal nurture, additional insight, and new respect for the power of change in our experience as believers.

The imaginative title, "Dancing with Change," invites the reader to explore and embrace an engaging, personal response to inevitable change, which can be chosen to enhance life and relationships. The author explains a practical process accessible to any adult to facilitate such a choice. I highly recommend the book to all adults who experience inner struggle when confronted with change in their church.

A Refreshing, Transformative, Approach to Church Change
June 6, 2004
Reviewer: Stephanie Sauvé, D.Min., Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School.

Dr. Richard J. McCorry in DANCING WITH CHANGE, A Spiritual Response to Change in the Church, invites readers to transform change from a dragon that must be slain, into a dance partner to be embrace. The embrace of change that is discussed and tools provided encourage the persons going through change in the church to understand the dynamics of change, to recognize normal/healthy responses to change; and to make the choice to dance with change, rather than view change as a force to battle.

DANCING WITH CHANGE, is a refreshing, transformative, approach to responding to the reality to change in the church. The insights offered and the "LEAP of Faith" spiritual approach to change, which is outlined in the book, is sure to keep readers from getting their toes step on as they "dance with change."