Advent Daily Meditations

The history of humanity is an account of constant change.  Nevertheless, at the dawning of the new millennium it seems as though we are constantly buffeted by the accelerating winds of change.  Many people seek refuge in the church from the constant changes going on in the world.  But change has also been a part of the church since the time of Christ.  So, where do we turn for support when it is the church which is changing? One place we can go is to our spirituality, the values and means by which we live out the unchanging truths of our faith.  This Lenten and Easter season the pastoral planning department is happy to provide these very brief daily meditations designed to guide us on our journey toward understanding the spirituality of change. Hopefully, this will give us some solid ground upon which to stand as our local church goes through near term and long term transformations, bringing us ever closer to the kingdom which Jesus promised us.

We hope that you find value in meditating upon these readings.  We especially hope that these will give you some spiritual tools for dealing better with change in your life and in the life of the church.  We would be most appreciative of any feedback you could give us on these daily meditations: what you liked, what you would like to have read more about, what didn't particularly work for you, and so forth.  Please send your comments to: May our dear Lord continue to richly bless you during this Holy time!

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